HlGaagilda Skidegate

Photo credit: Jags Brown

XaaydaGa Dlang Society 

Haida Wellness Society

XaaydaGa Dlaang Society (Haida Wellness Society) operates as the Skidegate Health Centre and is based at Xaaynangaa Naay (House of Life).

The Society was created in March, 2016 after reorganization from the Skidegate Band Council.

The Society’s governance is a traditional governance model with society membership coming from the 10 clans of HlGaagilda SkidegateRepresented clans can have one society member who is a youth.

Xaaynangaa Naay hosts many services including home care, community health, pre and post natal care, mental health, wellness, dentistry, medical travel, massage therapy, and our youth centre.

We host regular traditional and alternative healing clinics as well as weekly family medicine clinics. We also support regular specialist clinics such as but not limited to oral surgery, endodontics, audiology, optometry, and orthopedics.



Box 1348
156 2nd av.
HlG̱aagilda Skidegate, BC
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"Empowering generations of Haida to achieve their highest level of wellness."

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