Our mission is to provide an overview of the health services and facilities serving Haida Gwaii, to help you quickly find what you need. We will also be posting regular Updates relevant to your health and well-being, for which you can subscribe via email (see bottom of page). Our Community Health Calendar will keep you posted on any health-relevant happenings and continuing medical education (CME) offerings. If you have a health-related event that you would like to promote, we can help you. Simply contact us via our Submissions form.

Visit our Hospitals page for information concerning in-patient and emergency services.

Our Clinics page will provide you with contact information for our local health centres, and our Services page will quickly get you up to speed with local offerings.

If you have an emergency and need an ambulance, call 1-800-461-9911. You can also visit our Emergency page for additional important information.

Haawa Haawa Haawa

We would like to thank Jags Brown, Mary Helmer, Carey Bergman and Jason Shafto for their generosity in offering their beautiful photographs to create our website. We also gratefully recognize the Facility Engagement Initiative for providing the funding needed to realize this project, and InnoNative for their help envisioning and creating this website. And a big haawa and thank you to all who cheered us along the way!

Photo credit: Jags Brown

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